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CV of Peng Shuyi

CV of Peng Shuyi

Author:Peng Shuyi From:IES Update:2019-08-23 13:49:10

 PENG Shuyi 



 Associate Researcher   



Position held  

International relations  

Associate Researcher   




Experience keywords:  

European politics; French Politics, society and culture   




French [Spoken: Intermediate, Written: Intermediate]; English [Spoken: Basic, Written: Intermediate]  



Contact Points  

CASS phone number: 

+68 (0)10 8519 5140 

LSE email: 








PENG Shuyi, “An Analysis of France's Cultural Diplomacy”, Chinese Journal of European StudiesNo. 4, 2009 


PENG Shuyi,The Europeanisation of French Foreign Cultural Policy and the Issue of Identity” Chinese Journal of European StudiesNo. 1, 2008. 

PENG Shuyi,The France”, Annual Development Report of Europe :2007-2008, Social Sciences Academic Press, 2008. 

TranslationCinéma et histoire (Marc Ferro)Beijing University Press,2008. 



PENG Shuyi, “The France”, Annual Dev